Photographic Missions on the contemporary landscape

With a view to documenting the contemporary Québec landscape, Rencontres is partnering, thanks to the support of Loto-Québec, with regional creation and dissemination organizations as part of its Photographic Missions.

The goal of these missions, which invite artists to take a good look at the state of the Québec landscape, is to present critical perspectives, to provoke reflection or to generate utopias.

To that end, a call has gone out to professional artists residing in Québec to submit a project proposal. The selection will then be made by a committee of peers made up of artists and stakeholders in the field of contemporary Québec photography.

The Photographic Missions will cover, between now and 2024, the entirety of the Québec landscape. Rencontres also hopes that they will serve as a provincial archival collection.

Photographic Mission in Charlevoix 2021-2022

Musée de Charlevoix and Rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie, in collaboration with Loto-Québec, in June 2021 announced the selection of Chun Hua Catherine Dong, a Montreal-based visual artist of Chinese origin, to carry out a photographic assignment aimed at documenting the contemporary Charlevoix landscape. The exhibit resulting from her research will be presented at Musée de Charlevoix in 2022, then at Rencontres in 2023.

Photographic Mission in Outaouais 2020-2021

L’Imagier Art Centre (Gatineau) and Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie, in collaboration with Loto-Québec, announced, in June 2020, the selection of Aislinn Leggett to carry out a photography mission in the Outaouais region in 2020-2021. The results of her research will be presented at L’Imagier Art Centre, in 2021, and at Rencontres, in 2022.

Photographic Mission in the Laurentians, 2019-2020

The artist Chloé Beaulac, who had immortalized the Laurentian landscape as one of the Photography Missions in 2019, presented the results of her exploratory work “Ces lieux qui nous habitant” (These Place That Inhabit Us) at the Centre d’exposition de Val-David from September 26, 2020, to January 4, 2021. Her exhibit will also be staged at Rencontres in the summer of 2021.

Photographic Mission in the Gaspé Peninsula, 2016-2017

Montreal artists Jean-François Hamelin and Sara A.Tremblay carried out a photo assignment on the contemporary Gaspesian landscape in 2016. The results of their respective projects, brought together in the exhibition Tenacious, Tenacious Landscape, were presented at Rencontres in 2017.