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The Sweet Ends

Samuel Graveline, Montreal, Québec |

Taking place in the pursuit of reflections on the different states of existence of images and their temporalities, the project The Sweet Ends takes shape in the act of disappearance of light, both within the photographic subject and through the materiality of the image, cast in plaster. Although similar in their representations, the selected photographs are the result of several sessions of sky observations at the end of the day, each belonging to a distinct moment through the choice of the Polaroid and its inherent quality of uniqueness. Of the project there remains only a simple proposal on time and light, where the image exists more in what it evokes.

Exhibition at Rencontres

The Sweet Ends

Samuel Graveline is a multidisciplinary visual artist, living and working in Montreal. He holds a bachelor’s degree with distinction in Visual and Media Arts from the Université du Québec à Montréal (2020), studies for which he received the Monique Charbonneau merit scholarship as well as the scholarship from the Faculty of Arts. His work has been exhibited several times in Québec, including during Artch 2020, at the Galerie de l’UQAM, at the Galerie POPOP, at the Livart and at Arprim.

Interested in the various states of existence of images and the evocative potential of the photographic condition, he approaches the notions of unveiling and disappearance from a conceptual and poetic point of view. His research leads him, among other things, to reuse already existing images and amateur archives, to use photography as a medium, but also as symbolic material.